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HI301 - History & Historical Research: Locating Book Reviews

How to Find a Book Review - Collier Library and Beyond

Book reviews are published in general/popular magazines (e.g., Newsweek, New Republic, New Yorker), scholarly journals (e.g., British Journal for the History of Science, American Historical Review), and in book review periodicals (New York Review of Books). The reviews may be brief summaries or long scholarly evaluations. In order to find book reviews electronically, periodical indexes and book review indexes such as Book Review Digest Plus, which is a tool that brings together book reviews on a wide range of topics, from a variety of sources. Many periodical indexes index book reviews; others do not. If you want scholarly evaluative book reviews, you may wish to omit reviews in: American Libraries, Booklist, Choice, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly. These reviews do provide good short statements of the subjects of books.

Video on Locating Book Reviews using Discovery

Resources for Locating Book Reviews