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Annual Alabama Support Staff Workshop

May 15, 2020 Support Staff Workshop

Call for Proposals

Proposals are invited for the Second Annual Alabama Library Support Staff Workshop. Proposals may fall within any category listed in the call for proposals. Presenters are welcome to submit as many proposals as they would like. Proposals will undergo a blind review prior to selection by the conference committee and volunteer reviewers. The Alabama Library Support Staff Workshop is being hosted by paraprofessionals/support staff for paraprofessionals/support staff. Thus, only submissions by current paraprofessional/support staff will be accepted.

Listed below are the presentation topics outlined for the 2020 workshop.

  1. Progress: What’s new in your library? New practices? New services? What is working well?
  1. Technology: What new and innovative technology is your library using?
  1. Communication: Improving workplace interactions. Best practices for effective communication with patrons and coworkers?
  1. Training: Best strategies for cross training employees and effectively utilizing the student workforce?
  2. Submit your own idea.


Click here to begin the submission process.

Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2020.

Notification of proposal acceptance will be sent by March 13, 2020.