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Annual Alabama Support Staff Workshop

May 15, 2020 Support Staff Workshop

Comments from the 2019 Workshop

Participants were asked what they felt were "Valuable Elements" of the workshop. The following are some of the common responses:


"Hearing the experiences of other libraries dealing with the same issues (plug-ins for student gadgets, new technology etc.) and how they have dealt with them was helpful; and I really enjoyed the presentation from Mary-Marshall VanSant and would like to hear more on Strategic Doing."



"The roundtables! Also, I loved the "Managing Up" session. That was super helpful, in that it prompted me to reframe my interactions with my bosses and think more critically about our relationships going forward."



"The roundtable discussions were the most valuable part for me. I got a lot of good ideas and information to take back to my library to discuss and possibly implement."



"I learned a great deal from the presentation by Jacksonville State University on what they had to do to recover from the tornado damage. Although, my library has not been struck with natural disaster there are components that I can take away from their rebuilding to improve on some of the issues my library currently has."