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AHS 307

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Subject Liaisons

Department/College Librarian Email
Anderson College of Nursing & Health Professions Leigh Thompson Stanfield
Biology Leigh Thompson Stanfield
College of Business Derek Malone
Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene James Mitchell
Communications Jennifer Maddox
Cinematic Arts & Theatre Darlene Townsend
Counselor Education Jennifer Maddox
Education Jennifer Maddox
Engineering James Mitchell
English Jennifer Pate
Entertainment Industry Darlene Townsend
Foreign Languages Jennifer Pate
Geography Leigh Thompson Stanfield
History Margaret McGuire 
Interdisciplinary & Professional Studies Derek Malone
Kinesiology Leigh Thompson Stanfield
Mathematics Amy Butler
Military Science Volodymyr Chumachenko
Music Darlene Townsend
Physics & Earth Science James Mitchell
Politics, Justice, Law, & Philosophy Amy Butler
Psychology & Sociology Jennifer Maddox
Social Work Jennifer Maddox
Visual Arts & Design Amy Butler
Updated 4/29/20