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Covid-19: Home

FAQ answers and info for Collier Library & Information Services during the Covid-19 crisis.


When is the library open?

Collier Library reopened on 6/1/20. Collier Library hours are located here.

Is there anything that I need to know before visiting?

Yes, bring your Mane Card & a face mask/face covering. Mane Cards are now required for entry into Collier Library. You'll scan it outside to unlock the doors. Face coverings are required inside of all University of North Alabama buildings. 

What materials can be borrowed through the retrieval service?

All material including books, technology lending, laptops, DVDs, etc. can be borrowed through the retrieval service. However, loan periods and due dates still apply. Borrowed (with the exception of laptops) materials will be due at the end of the semester.

How do I return borrowed materials?

Books can be returned 24/7 at the Collier Library material return drop outside of the entrance, the material return drop in the Gunn University Commons parking lot, and the return area marked at the Library Help Desk (all material types can be returned at the Library Help Desk). Most materials have been renewed automatically through 8/15/20. Please, check the due dates on your account. Please, contact us via chat or phone (256-765-4469) to schedule a technology return.

My account still shows borrowed materials checked out to me, but I turned them in a few days ago. What do I do?

We have extended most loans through the end of summer semester. You may experience delays in account updates. Please, continue to check to see if your account has been updated. If it hasn't been updated in two weeks, give us a call at 256-765-4469.

I need research help! What do I do?

Schedule a research consultation with one of our librarians here. You can also contact your subject liaison for assistance via email.

Can I still use Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

All ILL lending and borrowing resumeed on 6/1/20.

I am a campus delivery user. Can I still get material that way?

Campus delivery resumed on 6/1/20, but we might have to contact you to schedule the delivery.

I heard a lot of vendors were offering free access to resources. How do I find information on that?

We've compiled a list of free and augmented resources here.

How long can I keep a reserve item?

Reserve items returned to standard borrowing times on 6/1/20.

Are study rooms available?

All confined study rooms are currently closed indefinitely. Additionally, those floors are closed. However, you may reserve a media:scape study areas here.