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EN 602W - Introduction to Graduate Studies: Seminar in Writing: Conference Proposals

UNA Ecocriticism Call For Papers

Full text of the Call is available in the link above.

From the CfP:

The University of North Alabama’s Department of English invites proposals for papers which investigate any aspect of ecocritical or nature themes in Science-Fiction, other literature, philosophy, meteorology, helio-physics, astrophysics, history, sustainability studies, geology, etc. All forms of research and writing about the subject of Ecocriticism or Climate Change are on the table. For example, topics might include analyses of works that incorporate themes related to environmental narratives, racial studies, globalization, philosophy of ecocriticism, research in the field, etc. We solicit submissions that focus on various types of texts, from canonical works to contemporary or nontraditional texts or media, scientific papers, etc. As for creative works, we recommend short fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry that explores the popular themes of nature and ecology in its myriad manifestations.

We welcome proposals from current undergraduate and graduate students of all levels, preferably those who have graduated in the past 3 years. Presentations that utilize audiovisual elements are encouraged. Please email proposals of 250-300 words to by December 30, 2017. All proposals will receive a decision on acceptance by January 15, 2018.

Web Resources for Proposal Help

Writing your Proposal

When preparing a proposal for a conference be sure to read the proposal guidelines closely.  Follow the instructions for formatting, word count, and submission criteria.  Write an outline or draft of your proposal, ask for feedback from peers, revise your proposal, then submit.  Make sure you give yourself at least a week - if not more - for the writing, peer feedback, and revisions.  Keep in mind the audience you are preparing this proposal for and make sure that you are presenting your topic to the best of your ability.