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Library Instruction: Request an Embedded (Course) Librarian

What is an Embedded Librarian?

An Embedded Librarian works with your class either online through the class website  or in face-to-face library meetings. The librarian can assist your students in using library resources more effectively and in teaching students how to find and evaluate information.

To learn more about the Embedded Librarian Program or to request a librarian for your course contact Leigh Stanfield, Instructional Services Librarian, at extension 4466 or

How does the program work?

The program gives professors teaching online courses or face-to-face classes with an online component the option to add a librarian to their course. The librarian is then able to interact directly with students via the course website in Canvas.  Librarians are able to answer research related questions and post relevant information to assist students in utilizing library resources.

 We can also work with you to create customized content for your course and post links to existing resources within the course website.  This gives students ready access to the library's resources and services.

Having a librarian in the course allows content to be tailored to the needs of the class.

Is an Embedded Librarian right for my class?

Does your course require students to write a research paper or annotated bibliography?
Do you require students to conduct research and find information related to their field of study?
Are your students having trouble locating scholarly sources of information?
Are your students relying solely on Google for their research?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then an Embedded Librarian can help.

Librarians can:

  • Add links to the library's homepage and other resources.
  • Host threaded discussions on scholarly research and finding information.
  • Email students about specific library resources relating to course assignments.
  • Start a Research Help thread on the class discussion board.
  • Answer questions from students about library services and resources. 
  • Add a Library Resources Module to your course. (This folder could include things such as database links, direct links to specific journals, libguides, and contact information for librarians.)