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Understanding Copyright, Creative Commons, and Open Educational Resources

These modules will guide you through an understanding of Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons

Introduction to the Modules

The content in this LibGuide is to help you understand the role of copyright, Creative Commons, and Open Educational Resources (OER).  The University of North Alabama has committed to developing OER - in fact, it is part of our 2019-2024 University Strategic Plan as an aspirational goal to "Adopt, implement, and utilize Open Educational Resources (OER) in half of all academic programs".  To that end, UNA is offering stipends for faculty who wish to adopt OER in place of costly course materials.  Before you begin working on your proposal, it is important to understand how copyright and Creative Commons benefit you, your students, and the entire academic landscape. This guide was prepared so that you can learn more about these areas at your own pace as well as refer back to them whenever you may have a question.

OER Infographic

OER Infographic



The content of this LibGuide was created by Jennifer Pate and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted.