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Interlibrary Loan & Digital Scanning Services

Policy Guidelines for Collier Library Users of Interlibrary Loan

Below are the policies and guidelines for Collier Library patrons in regards to Interlibrary Loan. 

  1. Cancellation: Requests will be processed and fulfilled to the best of our ability - however, the Collier Library may not be able to fulfil a request due to availability of the material, cost of purchase, time for travel, etc. 
  2. Time to Fulfill: The turnaround for requests varies depending on the type, availability, and format of the material. Physical items must be delivered through mail services and may come from out of state, thus they will take substantially longer than digital articles and other media. 
  3. Recent Publications: Requests for articles published within the last five years typically have stricter copyright considerations, and thus fulfilling the request may take longer than usual due to searching for an available lending library.
  4. Copyright: Interlibrary Loan services are subject to copyright considerations and allowances. The department considers and abides by copyright legislation and the Fair Use clause for education when fulfilling requests - however, the individual requesting the material is responsible for any copyright infringement of material delivered through Interlibrary Loan. If you have any questions about the use of material requested through Interlibrary Loan, please reach out to Hunter Tinsley, Resource Sharing Specialist, and Margaret McGuire, Access Services Librarian.


Policies and Guidelines for External Borrowing Libraries

These are the departmental policies and guidelines for external institutions wishing to request materials from the Collier Library.

  1. Non-Circulating Materials: We do not lend the following: reference materials, e-books, musical scores, software and computer disks, new books still in processing, items located in branch libraries (Kilby, Music Library), or items located in the Archives. Special requests will always be considered. Give us a call or send an email if we have a unique item you're looking for. All of our non-lending items are open to the public and can be viewed in the library.
  2. Loan Period for Books: Initial loan period is five weeks from the shipped date.
  3. Renewals: If there are no local holds on the item, we will grant a renewal.
  4. Requesting Methods: We prefer to receive requests through our interlibrary loan forms, but will accept direct requests via email or phone. 
  5. Billing: We only accept invoices via IFM through OCLC.
  6. Charge for Lost Books: The charge for lost books include the actual replacement cost and processing.



As member library of the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL), Collier Library operates as a fast and reliable partner for in-state Interlibrary Loan services.


Interlibrary Loan Department Information, Collier Library


School Code: ANO


Electronic Delivery: Odyssey, Article Exchange, or Email.

Fees: Collier library does not charge for Interlibrary Loan requests. We welcome reciprocal agreements.

System: Tipasa

Collier Library - ILL

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Phone: 256-765-4308