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George Lindsey (UNA Archives): George Lindsey Filmography

George Lindsey Filmography

Television and Film Appearances

The Andy Griffith Show (1964-1970)

Mayberry R.F.D. (1968-1971)

Hee Haw (Throughout the 1970's and 1980's)

Guest Appearances

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
"The Jar" 10/10/63
"Bed of Roses" 3/24/64
"Return of Verge Likens" 7/15/64

Daniel Boone - Episode: "Ken-Tuck-E" 2/24/64 Episode: "Ken-Tuck-E" 2/24/64

Danny Thomas Special - Episode: "City Versus Country" 12/21/71

Death Valley Days - Episode: "The Quiet and the Fury" 9/20/63

Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour
Show # 15, 5/14/69
Show #7, 11/5/69
Show #12, 12/10/69
Show #24, 3/15/70

Gomer Pyle - USMC - Episode: "A Visit from Cousin Goober" 9/8/65

Great Adventure - Episode: "The Hunley" 5/31/63

"Which Doctor" 1/13/66
"Mad Dog" 9/6/66
"Phoebe" 11/4/71
"Pa Hack's Brood" 7/9-16
"Hung High" 10/1-2
"Gold Train" (Parts I, II, III), n.d.

It's About Time - Episode: "The Caveman Who Came to Dinner" 9/21/65

Johnny Cash Show
Show #3, 10/7/70
Show #18, 12/23/70

Jonathan Winters Show
Show #0102, 1/1/69

Kraft Music Hall - Episode: "A Night Out With the Boys" 3/5/69

Love American Style
"Love and the Great Catch" 10/31/69
"Love and the Duel" 1/20/71
"Love and the Anxious Mama" 10/26/71

New Loretta Young Show – Episode: "Dugan's Alley" 10/30/62

Orvie - Episode: "Fugue for Squealers", n.d.

Profiles in Courage - Episode: "General Alexander William Doniphan" 1964

Real McCoys - Episode: "The McCoy Sound" 11/8/62

"Which Way Did They Go?" 10/26/62
"Requiem at Mission Springs" 1/17/63

Temple Houston - Episode: "The Guardian" 11/27/63

Twilight Zone - Episode: "I Am the Night - Color Me Black" 12/18/63

Tycoon - Episode: "Tom's Troubles in Transistorland" 5/22/64

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Episode: "Submarine Sunk Here" 9/16/64

Other Appearances:
"King of the Hill is Down" n.d.
"My Fifteen Blocks" 10/8/62
"Bristle Face" 2/5/63
"Mr. Pulver and the Captain" 7/10/63
"Jones Boys" 8/29/63
"Missy's Men" 10/10/67
"Chateau Bon Vivant" 11/8/71


Feature Films

Ensign Pulver (as Lindstrom), 1964

The Aristocats (voice of Lafayette), 1970

Snowball Express (as Double L. Dingman), 1972

Charley and the Angel (as Pete), 1973

Robin Hood (voice of Trigger), 1973

Treasure of Matecumbe (as Coahoma Sheriff), 1976

The Rescuers (voice of Deadeye), 1977

Take This Job and Shove It, 1981

Cannonball Run II (as Cal), 1984

When I Find The Ocean (2006)