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UNA Archives & Special Collections: Using Archives

General information about University of North Alabama Archives


Hours subject to variation.
Please call for verification,
especially if traveling a long distance.
Appointments strongly recommended
for researchers.


UNA Archives & Special Collections
is located on the
3nd Floor
Collier Library

Should I use library resources or an archives?

Take a look at this document to help you understand the differences between resources you will find in Archives & Special Collections and those you will find in the general library area.


Guidelines for Using Materials

  1. Archives &Special Collections materials DO NOT CIRCULATE; they must remain in the Archives reading room.

  2. Food, drink (including bottled water), chewing gum, and tobacco products are NOT permitted in Archives.  Please silence cell phones.

  3.  Absolutely no ink pens or highlighters are permitted.  Researchers must use pencil or laptop computers only.

  4. Researchers may use loose paper, index cards or a laptop computer for taking notes.  All other personal belongings should be stored in lockers provided in the archives area.

  5.  Staff will assist with the retrieval of material for you. Please work with one folder/item at a time and keep all material in the order in which you receive it.

  6. Handle items with care. 
    • Please wash your hands before starting your research session.
    • Do not mark, fold, lean on or mutilate documents in any way. 
    • Do not use post-it notes
    • Patrons may be requested to wear gloves when handling certain items. 
    • Theft, destruction or mutilation of any of these materials is a crime.


  7. Reproduction is permitted unless the item is fragile, exceptionally valuable, too large, or restricted by the donor.  When allowed, reproduction is limited to single copies for the patron’s reference/research use only.  Ask for assistance: Do not separate material you wish to have reproduced.  Photocopying decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the staff.

  8. Archive materials are provided for educational and reference use only.  The patron agrees to publish no portion of them without the written permission of the copyright holder, and the patron assumes sole responsibility for any infringement of the literary rights, copyrights, or other rights which pertain to these materials. Patrons must sign a copyright form before copies are made.

  9. The patron agrees to give the Archives a copy of any publication which relies heavily upon its collections.

  10. Patrons will be asked to complete a registration form once each academic year.  Patrons will be asked to sign-in each time they use the archives area.


Archives Researcher Registration Form

Archives visitors will be asked to complete this form once each academic year.  You may print off these two pages and bring them with you or complete them when you visit archives.

Researchers also will need to review and complete the Duplication and Copyright Form found in the box below.

Duplication and Copyright Form

UNA does not own copyright to most of the materials housed in Archives & Special Collections. Materials are provided for personal study, scholarship, and research. Access to materials in Archives & Special Collections does NOT imply or include permission for use  beyond this purpose. Users are responsible for any copyright infringement that might occur from their usage of items.