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Library Materials Purchase Request: Home

Requesting Guidelines

When requesting the purchase of materials for the library, please note the following:

  • Submitting a materials request does not place an order for the item. Instead, your request is put in the queue to be reviewed and possibly ordered by acquisitions department staff.
  • If you need an order rushed, please submit the request form and email to let them know when the requested material is needed. Acquisitions department staff will review your request and let you know if they can fill it within your needed time frame.
  • Out-of-print materials are usually difficult and expensive to acquire and should be requested only when essential to instruction or research. Because these resources are harder to find and acquire, the order process for them takes longer than usual.
  • Requests for more than one copy of a title or particular edition are discouraged. If a title is expected to receive heavier than normal use, it should be placed on reserve. 

Materials Request Forms

Collier Library and Information Services encourage faculty and students to submit requests for library purchases. Please note that final purchasing decisions will be made by the library.


Requests for Course Materials

With the increased emphasis on textbook affordability and use of OER, we recognize that there may be increased use of library-supplied resources as course materials to replace or compliment textbooks. If you would like to request that the library buy materials to be used in one (or more) of your courses, please fill out the Requests for Course Materials form. If you would like the library to investigate streaming access to a feature film or documentary, please email


Requests for Research and Recreational Materials

To request one-time purchase of research or recreational materials, please fill out the Request for Research and Recreation Materials form. If you would like us to add a subscription product (journal, database, etc.), please email your departmental liaison or