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Faculty Guide to Utilizing Library Databases: ACS

Linking to Articles

To link to a specific article:

  1. Locate the article in the ACS database.
  2. Look for the DOI of the article (under the citation information). As an example, the DOI for the article  "Spherical Siliceous Mesocellular Foam Particles for High-Speed Size Exclusion Chromatography" is
  3. Paste the url into the desired location. To ensure that the link will work from off-campus, insert the following prefix: 
    The url from #2 would become


Verified 3/16/2020

Personal Account

To create journal and search alerts, you must have an ACS personal account. To create and account, click the "Log inbutton at the top-right of the database screen. Then, click "Create a free account" and follow the onscreen directions.

Updated 3/16/2020